Methods and Materials for Remote Sensing: Infrared Photo-Detectors, Radiometers and Arrays

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Methods and Materials for Remote Sensing: Infrared Photo-Detectors, Radiometers and Arrays presents the basic principles and the guidelines for the design of IR and microwave radiometers intended for the detection of weak electromagnetic signals in a noisy background.
Significant attention is paid in this book to the discussion of the origin of the noises and consideration of the physical factors limiting the sensitivity of photo sensors. The physico-chemical properties of narrow-band semiconductors, which are the basic photosensitive materials for the microwave and IR radiometry, are discussed. Also described are the methods for growing the single crystals, epitaxial films and arrays from solid solutions of these compounds for the application in photosensitive detectors.
The main goal of Methods and Materials for Remote Sensing: Infrared Photo-Detectors, Radiometers and Arrays is to present the entire material from the unifying physical viewpoint, which will be helpful for the designers of photo-detecting devices, and professionals contributing in various areas of remote sensing.


Preface. 1: Photoelectric and Noise Characteristics of Photodetectors.
1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Generation of Free Carriers in Semiconductors. 1.3. Photoelectric Characteristics of Resistive Photodetectors. 1.4. Photodetectors with P-N Junction. 1.5. Elements of the Theory of Random Processes. 1.6. Internal Noise in Photodetectors. 1.7. Concepts of Noise Coefficient and Noise Temperature. 1.8. Thermal and Quantum Noises. Elements of Microwave Radiometry. 2: Physical Principles of Infrared Radiometric Systems.
2.1. Basic Characteristics of IR-Detectors. 2.2. Threshold Characteristics of Photodetectors. 2.3. Threshold Characteristics of IR Detectors and IR-Radiometer Design Principles. 2.4. IR-Radiometer with External Modulation. 2.5. IR-Radiometers with Internal Modulation. 2.6. Methods of Calibration of IR-Radiometeric Systems. 3: Growing Technology and Electro-Physical Characteristics of Solid Solutions PbSnTe, PbSnSe and CdHdTe.
3.1. Introduction. 3.2. Physico-Chemical Properties of Solid Solutions Pb1-x SnxTe, Pb1-x SnxSe, and CdxHg1-x Te. 3.3. Technology for Growing the Single Crystals, Epitaxial Films, and Photo-Diode Structures. 3.4. Growing Single Crystals of 1-x SnxTe, [(Pb1-x Snx)1-yIny]Te and [(Pb1-x Snx)1-yCdy]Te. 3.5. Multi-Element Photodetectors. References. Index.
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