Global Intelligence

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September 2003



This volume explains the impact of the war on terrorism on the world's secret services and intelligence agencies and describes how ultra-modern new technologies have vastly increased their power to spy and eavesdrop.


Introduction: Intelligence after 9-11 - A New Internationalism? Defining the threat After the Berlin Wall Intelligence agencies today So, why is the issue of intelligence and security still important?; 1. 'Terrorism' - The Dark Side of Globalisation Terrorism and intelligence - the Siamese twins? Islam and the myth of confrontation A new internationalism? The US experience before and after 9-11 Western Europe - rolling the new bandwagon Israel: 'manipulating the Bush Doctrine' A clash of bandwagons?; 2. Technologies of Surveillance Overview The panoptic view - satellite surveillance on a global scale Communications satellite collection Echelon - who is on the watch list? Encryption and 'backdoors' The Economic Backdoor - State Surveillance and the Private Sector The Third World, human rights and the Internet Intelligence and law enforcement - breaking down the firewall. The dark glass - into the future; 3. US Intelligence: back to the future? The Gulf War and after: grasping the 'unipolar moment' 'Redefining national security' - Clinton and the rise of economic intelligence Blowback; 1: Iraq - 'enormous market potential' Blowback; 2 - Afghanistan, Pakistan and the legacy of William Casey Latin America - business as usual? Intelligence without policy or policy without intelligence?; 4. The European Union - new purpose, old methods? The UK France Germany and the European Union; 5. Russia: from KGB to FSB and back again? The FSB: two coups and a demise exaggerated The SVR - 'still in the big four' FAPSI; 6. Israel: the living Security Dilemma? The main services The toll of 'targeted killings' Mossad's global reach The US connection: 'codenamed jumbo'; 7. Intelligence in the South: the Growth of the Virtual State The Middle East: the hidden hand syndrome Syria: the rise of the Mukhabarat state Iraq: 'a sort of frenzy' Palestine India and Pakistan: the democratic deficit India Burma: opposition and micro-management South Africa: the democratic chance; 8. Concluding Perspectives: Knowledge, Power and Accountability The new Iron Triangle Intelligence and accountability: bucking the trend? What then of the future?; Annex: Finding out more.


Paul Todd is a historian of the Cold War and Middle East specialist. He is the author of World Power and Global Reach: US Security Policy in Southwest Asia (Middlesex University Press 2002). Jonathan Bloch was born in Cape Town, South Africa and studied law at the University of Cape Town and the London School of Economics. He co-authored British Intelligence and Covert Action (Brandon Books, 1994).

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