Physiology and Pathophysiology of Temperature Regulation

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Presents the bases of the modern concepts in thermal physiology and pathophysiology, bringing together the disciplines encompassed by this highly integrative field. They include physiology, anatomy, biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and pathology.


Thermal physiology - brief history and perspectives, A.S. Milton; body temperature, C.M. Blatteis; biophysics of heat exchange between the body and the environment, J. Werner; heat production mechanisms - shivering thermogenesis, L. Jansky; heat production mechanisms - nonshivering thermogenesis, B. Cannon; heat loss mechanisms, T. Morimoto; neural thermoreception and regulation of body temperature, J.A. Boulant; behavioural temperature regulation, M. Cabanac; temperature regulation in exercise - thermal factors, B.N. Johannsen; temperature regulation in exercise - nonthermal factors, H. Kaciuba-Uscilko; body temperature and age - neonates; H.P. Laburn; body temperature and age - elderly, K.E. Cooper; fever, C.M. Blatteis; thermoregulatory consequences of prolonged exposure to thermal extremes - heat, M. Horowitz; thermoregulatory consequences of prolonged exposure to thermal extremes - cold, E. Zeisberger; pathophysiological consequences of exposure to thermal extremes - heat illnesses and hyperthermia, M. Horowitz; pathophysiological consequences of exposure to thermal extremes - cold injuries and hypothermia, J.B. Mercer; temperature regulation in different environments or in special cases, C.M. Blatteis.


"? this book is an excellent resource. It provides the reader with basic, applied, and clinically relevant material on the most pertinent aspects of thermal physiology ? even a neophyte will find aspects of this book fascinating and understandable." The Physiologist, 1999 "Most chapters are superbly written, beautifully illustrated, and highly informative ? This book is a bargain, and one that those interested in thermophysiology will treasure." The Quarterly Review of Biology, Mar 2000
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