Alt Dis: Alternative Discourses and the Academy

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März 2002



Patricia Bizzell has argued that teachers of composition, if they are going to prepare students for success in other classrooms and other contexts, cannot afford to ignore alternative forms of discourse that are appearing now in the academy.


The Intellectual Work of "Mixed" Forms of Academic Discourse, Patricia Bizzell; Listening to ghosts: an alternative (non)argument, Malea Powell; Academic Discourses, or Small Boats in Big Seas, Jacqueline Jones Royster; "New Life in This Dormant Creature": Notes on Social Consciousness, Language and Learning in a College Classroom, Carmen Kynard; A Problem with Writing (about) "Alternative" Discourses, Sidney Dobrin; Being an Ally, Helen Fox; Contrastive Rhetoric: A Must in Cross-cultural Inquiries, Haixia Lan; Questioning "Alternative" Discourse: Reports from Across the Disciplines, Chris Thaiss & Terry Meyers Zawacki; So It Was This Beautiful Night, Belinda Kremer; Re-Clustering Traditional Academic Discourse: Alternating with Confucian Discourse, LuMing Mao Writing, Dialects, and the Culture of Literacy, Peter Elbow; Full (dis)Course Meal: Some Words on Hybrid/Alternative Discourses, Laura Lai Long; An Essay We're Learning to Read: Responding to Alt.Style, Michael Spooner; From the Inside Out, or From the Outside In, Depending, Christopher Schroeder; Alternative Discourse: A Synthesis, Paul Matsuda
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