Bone Grafting Techniques for Maxillary Implants

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August 2005



This book explores the potential of bone grafting techniques to rehabilitate the maxilla through the placement of dental implants. As implant dentistry becomes increasingly well established and sophisticated, this book will help experienced surgeons to involve implant solutions as part of more challenging reconstructions in the upper jaw.
Starting with a recap on principles of bone biology, the book then considers implant integration in normal bone and with bone grafts. Grafting procedures are presented depicting a variety of bone harvest sites, followed by onlay and inlay grafting techniques. Approaches to sinus lifting, segmental osteotomy and distraction osteogenesis for augmentation protocols are provided.


Introduction.1. Bone Biological Principles.2. Implant Integration in Normal Bone and Bone Grafts.3. Grafting Procedures.4. Onlay Bone Grafting.5. Inlay Bone Grafting.6. Segmental Osteotomy for Bone Augmentation Procedure.7. Distraction Osteogenesis for Augmentation of the Alveolar Process.8. Complications.9. Bone Substitutes in Maxillary Reconstruction Procedures.10. Summary.11. References.


Karl-Erik Kahnberg is Head of Department and Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Gothenburg University, Sweden. He is also clinical director of the maxillofacial unit at the Public Dental Health University Clinics in Gothenburg. In terms of continuing education, Professor Kahnberg's courses on bone grafting for dental implants have attracted a wide international audience.

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