Distillation Theory and Its Application to Optimal Design of Separation Units

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August 2004



Writing for designers and operators of separation units in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and related industries as well as software designers, F.B. Petlyuk presents a clear, multidimensional geometric representation of distillation theory valid for all types of distillation column types, splits, and mixtures. DistillDesigner software allows refinement and confirmation of the algorithms of optimal design. Methods of the general geometric theory of distillation, encoded in DistillDesigner, provide quick and reliable solutions to problems of flowsheet synthesis and to optimal design calculations.


1. Phase equilibrium and its geometrical presentation; 2. Basic concepts of distillation; 3. Trajectories of distillation in infinite columns under infinite reflux; 4. Trajectories of thermodynamically reversible distillation; 5. Distillation trajectories and conditions of mixtures separability in simple infinite columns at finite reflux; 6. Distillation trajectories in infinite complex columns and complexes; 7. Trajectories of the finite columns and their design calculation; 8. Synthesis of separation flowsheets.


Review of the hardback: 'The book shows a clear, multidimensional, geometric representation of distillation theory, which is applicable to all kinds of distillation columns for all splits, column types and mixtures ... the book considers problems that are beyond the framework of the geometric theory of distillation but they still are of importance from both the theoretical and practical standpoints ... contains many diagrams, which facilitate the understanding of geometry theory ... intended for a wide variety of specialists ...This book can serve as a manual for students and postgraduate who want to refine their understanding of distillation.' Iasi Polytechnic Magazine
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