African Americans in the Reconstruction Era

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Mai 2001



This ethnographic study explores the status of African Americans during the Reconstruction era, examining the particularities of such topics as race relations, social systems, legal systems, and economic and political status. Rather than dealing with the status of African Americans as an isolated human rights issue, Gao examines the African American role in American society in the context of American society, particularly paying attention to the intellectual roots of the belief system of white and black Americans during the Reconstruction.


Series Editor's Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1: The Origins of Discrimination against African Americans; Chapter 2: Issues Affecting African Americans and African American Reconstruction; Chapter 3: Issues Affecting African Americans and White Reconstruction; Chapter 4: African American Issues and Congressional Reconstruction; Chapter 5: The Withering of the New Democracy; Chatper 6: The Heritage of Reconstruction; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index


"give[s] a rare perspective on African-American history."
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