Identity, Feasting, and the Archaeology of the Greater Southwest

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März 2004



With contributions from sociocultural and linguistic anthropologists as well as archaeologists, this volume is the first to present case studies of social identity and feasting from throughout the Greater Southwest. A section of the book is also devoted to a synthesis and set of case studies on the archaeology of the pivotal Mexican State of Chihuahua. Unlike many previous studies, the authors of this volume place emphasis on how differences within and between societies came about rather than why dissimilar structures arose, elevating the place of both agency and history in understanding the past. Identity, Feasting, and the Archaeology of the Greater Southwest will be of interest to all doing archaeological research in the Southwestern United States and those conducting research on social identity, cultural affiliation, and commensal politics.


Barbara J. Mills is professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona. She is the editor of Alternative Leadership Strategies in the Prehispanic Southwest and Ceramic Production in the American Southwest


"The reason to read this volume over others is clear: it brings together the work of researchers on the leading edge of emergent issues in archeology....[Mills'] synthesis is broad-reaching, bringing together archeological works from across the globe and incorporating works from other social sciences, while at the same time maintaining a straightforward style that is easy to read, follow, and comprehend."
- Bernard Schriever, "Oklahoma Archeology"
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