Dynamics of Charged Particles and Their Radiation Field

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This self-contained and systematic introduction to classical electron theory and nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics covers the interaction between charges and the Maxwell field, with particular focus on the derivation of radiative friction. It provides a coherent presentation with emphasis on radiation phenomena and relaxation to the ground state, space-adiabatic limit, effective mass and g-factor, and removal of the ultraviolet cut-off. The book is suitable for graduates and researchers in mathematical physics, particle physics and applied mathematics.


Preface; List of symbols; 1. Scope, motivation and orientation; Part I. Classical Theory: 2. A charge coupled to its electromagnetic field; 3. Historical notes; 4. The energy-momentum relation; 5. Long-time asymptotics; 6. Adiabatic limit; 7. Self-force; 8. Comparison dynamics; 9. The Lorentz-Dirac equation; 10. Spinning charges; 11. Many charges; 12. Summary and preamble to the quantum theory; Part II. Quantum Theory: 13. Quantizing the Abraham model; 14. The statistical mechanics connection; 15. States of lowest energy: statics; 16. States of lowest energy: dynamics; 17. Radiation; 18. Relaxation at finite temperatures; 19. Behaviour at very large and very small distances; 20. Many charges, stability of matter; References; Index.


'... Herbert Spohn's book ... covers both the classical and quantum theories of a charged particle coupled to its own field ... One of the most useful resources in Spohn's book are the historical notes and literature reviews that are inserted at the end of each chapter. ... I am grateful that the author made the effort to collect this information for the benefit of his readers.' Classical and Quantum Gravity
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