Shakespeare and Language

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September 2004



Selection of the best essays from the last forty years on Shakespeare's use of language.


1. Shakespeare and Language: an introduction Jonathan Hope; 2. Shakespeare's language and the language of Shakespeare's time Stephen Booth; 3. The foundations of Elizabethan language Muriel St. Clare Byrne; 4. Shakespeare's talking animals Terence Hawkes; 5. Some functions of Shakespearian word-formation Vivian Salmon; 6. Shakespeare and the tune of the time Bridget Cusack; 7. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: the places of invention Jill L. Levenson; 8. Shakespeare's thematic modes of speech: Richard II to Henry V Robert Hapgood; 9. Hamlet and the power of words Inga-Stina Ewbank; 10. The art of the comic duologue in three plays by Shakespeare Robert Wilcher; 11. Hamlet's Ear Philippa Berry; 12. 'Voice potential': language and symbolic capital in Othello Lynne Magnusson; 13. The aesthetics of mutilation in Titus Andronicus Albert H. Tricomi; 14. 'Time for such a word': verbal echoing in Macbeth George Walton Williams; 15. Household words: Macbeth and the failure of spectacle Lisa Hopkins; 16. Late Shakespeare: style and the sexes Russ McDonald.


Lecturer, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, editor of The Cambridge Shakespeare Library, co-editor of Shakespeare and Race and Shakespeare and Sexuality.


'... excellent ... Shakespeare and Language challenges the ways in which the modern reader approaches the visual, oral and aural qualities of Elizabethan language.' Times Literary Supplement
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