Practical Machinery Safety

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September 2004



"Practical Machinery Safety" aims to provide you with the knowledge to tackle machinery safety control problems at a practical level whilst achieving compliance with national and international standards. The book highlights the major international standards that are used to support compliance with EU regulations and uses these standards as a basis for the design procedures. It looks at the risk assessment processes used to identify hazards and to quantify the risks inherent in a machine. It introduces the concepts of safety categories as defined by standard EN954-1 (Safety of Machinery) and illustrates the principles of failsafe design, fault tolerance and self-testing. It also provides an introduction to machinery protection devices such as guards, enclosures with interlocks and guard-monitoring relays, locking systems, safety mats, photo-electric and electro-sensitive principles and the application of light curtains, a study of Safety Control System techniques, and introduces the principles of safety-certified PLCs. 1.Plan and implement safety systems that deliver a safe working environment and compliance with national and international standards.2.Apply simple risk assessments and hazard design methods to your own projects3.Identify hazards that occur with machinery and know how to deal with them


Introduction to the machinery safety workshop; Guide to Regulations and Standards; Risk assessment and risk reduction; Design procedures for safety controls; Emergency-stop monitoring and the safety relay; Sensors and devices for machinery protection; Application Guidelines for Protection Devices; Programmable Systems for Safety Controls; Introduction to Standards for Programmable Systems; Appendices including References, Glossary, PUWER, Fault-tree analysis; Practical exercises and answers; Index.


Dave Macdonald has throughout his career been involved in the application of instrumentation and control technology to industrial and chemical processes. As a senior instrument engineer with AECI Ltd he specialised in managing the complete design cycle for process control systems from conceptual design to commissioning. He has also developed and lectured a post-graduate course in Industrial Control Systems. Dave has been closely involved in hazard studies for new chemical plants and in the implementation of safety instrumented systems. His expertise ranging from field instrumentation to software quality assurance is particularly relevant to this subject. In the past few years Dave has lectured on Safety Instrumentation and related topics to many hundreds of Engineers and Technicians in Ireland, Canada the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


'..a very practical and useful book which is well worth reading and studying' Health and Safety Review, January/February 2005
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