Transforming the Public Sphere: The Dutch National Exhibition of Women's Labor in 1898

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Juni 2004



First complete study of the1898 Dutch National Exhibition of Women's Labor, its international relevance, and how the Exhibition's representations of the colonies, gender, class, and ethnicity, influenced political culture in the Netherlands.


Maria Grever is Professor of History and Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a participant in the research program of the Nijmegen Center for Women's Studies, both in the Netherlands.Berteke Waaldijk is Associate Professor of Women's Studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


Despite the veritable explosion of historical work on exhibitionary culture in the last decade, relatively little attention has been paid to the role of women in organizing the transnational spectacles that dominated the culturescapes of imperial modernity ... Transforming the Public Sphere ... offers an important corrective to this oversight."--Antoinette Burton, from the introduction "A unique study based on a virtual treasury of archival materials, Transforming the Public Sphere touches on many of the most important issues of major concern today to historians of feminism and women's history."--Marilyn Boxer, coauthor of Connecting Spheres: European Women in a Globalizing World, 1500 to the Present
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