Women in World Politics: An Introduction

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Januar 1995



What roles do women play in world politics? Who are these women and what impact do they have on international relations? This text is a collection of diverse answers to these questions by a variety of contributors.


Women National Leaders, Francine D'Amico; Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Harvey Williams; Indira Gandhi - Gender and Foreign Policy, Mary C. Carras; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - The Influence of her Gender on her Foreign Policy, Kenneth Harris; Corazon Aquino - Gender, Class and the People-Power President, Vincent Boudreau; Women as Insiders - The Glass Ceiling at the United Nations, Kristen Timothy; In Their Own Words - Margaret Anstee, Benazir Bhutto, Jeane Duane Jordan Kirkpatrick and Golda Meir; Gender and the Political Beliefs of American Opinion Leaders, Ole Holsti and James Rosenau; Organising for Change - International Women's Movements and World Politics, Deborah Stienstra; Jane Addams - The Chance the World Missed, Sybil Oldfield; Women and the Global Green Movement, Petra Kelly; Women in Revolutionary Movements - Cuba and Nicaragua, Margaret Randall.


?This diverse collection of accessible articles by scholars, journalists, activists, and public figures explores the impact of gender on international relations. The brief and neatly written essays include biographies of well-known women leaders. Other pieces focus on women in various international organizations and movements. Although intended as an introductory text in comparative politics for college students, this volume may well attract a wider audience.?-Library Journal
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