Mastering E-Business Infrastructure

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As a foreword, here we publish an email letter of Late Professor Herb Simon, Nobel Laureate, that he wrote on the occasion ofthe death of the fatherofa friend. This letterofcondolence, more than any other wisdom, tells about the essence of the process of scientific creation, which is so important for both, the specific subject being covered by this book, and for the general science. When asked to address an SSGRR conference in Italy, prior to his death, Professor Herb Simon agreed that these lines be presented to all those who are interested in understanding the real essence oftheir own scientific struggle. Dear Professor Milutinovic: I want to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your family on the death of your father. His career was a very distinguished one, and his life spanned a most complex and difficult sequence of epochs in your country's history. Our generation (I am just a year younger than he was), like all its predecessors, leaves many tasks - hopefully no more than it inherited - for the next generation to take up; but even knowing that it must be so does not remove one's senseofloss in the parting.


Foreword. Preface.
- 1: B2C: Making Your Own E-Commerce Site, Step by Step. 1.1. Introduction to E-Commerce. 1.2. Yahoo! Store. 1.3. The ecBuilder. 1.4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 1.5. Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition. 1.6. Microsoft Commerce Server 2000. 1.7. Automatic Credit Card Payment within the ASP Apps. 1.8. Concusion. 1.9. Problems. 1.10. References.
- 2: B2B: Challenges and Solutions. 2.1. Introducing the B2B. 2.2. XML: The Data Standard for Electronic Business. 2.3. B2B Solutions. 2.4. Problems. 2.5. References.
- 3: E-Banking Nuts and Bolts. 3.1. The Basics. 3.2. Security Problems. 3.3. Solving Security Problems. 3.4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 3.5. Internet Bank Architecture. 3.6. Application Service Providers. 3.7. Make Internet Channel Work. 3.8. Searching for the Financial Information. 3.9. Problems. 3.10. Acknowledgements. 3.11. References.
- 4: E-Government. 4.1. Introduction. 4.2. E-Government Architecture. 4.3. Digital Government Applications. 4.4. Experience in the Field. 4.5. Strategy Planning. 4.6. Summary. 4.7. Problems. 4.8. Acknowledgements. 4.9. References.
- 5: Denial of Service Attacks: Methods, Tools, Defences. 5.1. Introduction. 5.2. Methods of Attacks. 5.3. Techniques of Attacks. 5.4. Evolution of Attacks. 5.5. Distributed Denial of Service Tools. 5.6. Defences. 5.7. Conclusion. 5.8. Problems. 5.9. Acknowledgement. 5.10. References.
- 6: Ad Hoc Networks and the Wireless Internet. 6.1. Introduction. 6.2. Mobile Networks. 6.3. Routing in Ad Hoc Networks. 6.4. Issue of Security in Ad Hoc Networks. 6.5. Bluetooth. 6.6. Multihop Ad Hoc Sensor Network Project - Do It Yourself. 6.7. New Horizons. 6.8. Getting Started with Wireless Development. 6.9. Conclusion. 6.10. Problems. 6.11. Acknowledgement. 6.12. References. Index.
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