The Role of the Legal Information Officer

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Covering the changing role of the legal information officer and how to survive, this book discusses issues like: what does a law information officer do on a day-to-day basis and the mechanics and processes for supplying information, a guide to enquiries and undertaking research, and how to set up and manage an information service.


Personnel - qualifications, skills needed; types of personnel working as information staff and their different roles, such as supervisory, purchasing hard copy and online material; the jobs of administration, researching; indexing, cataloguing and classification; building databases, intranets; providing current awareness services Management - how to manage stock (covering practical management, legal and technical issues): hard copy material and electronic information; how to manage information staff and other personnel; the budget - setting/negotiating prioritising and planning; being a one 'man' band - how to operate as a single operator in charge of a small library Research and enquiries - who asks the questions (partners, lawyers, trainee lawyers and support staff); the psychology of the user; how to deal with and assist the user, including how much help should you give?; knowing your sources - if you don't know the answer, where can you look? Marketing and promoting your service: raising your profile within the department/firm - methods such as current awareness bulletins, team meetings, training sessions, tours, targeting particular user groups. Includes a discussion of the practicalities of these issues and relative merits Personal growth and development - get out from behind your PC (how to get as high a profile as possible)-; outside the work place - the art of networking- The future of the information professional - what do employers want?; information officers and librarians still have an image problem/will they be needed?; information officers and librarians come cheaper than lawyers-; do they think differently from a lawyer?; the threat of professional support lawyers?; career choices and management and what benefits can and should you expect


Trevor Harvey's current role is as Information Officer for the Financial Institutions Group in Clifford Chance, the world's largest law firm. He supports 60 lawyers. He has worked in the information profession for over 20 years.
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