This Side Up: Spatial Determination in the Early Development of Animals

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April 2005



Examines the spatial determination of cells in an embryo.


1. Oogenesis; 2. From oocyte to zygote; 3. Does cleavage cut up a preformed spatial pattern?; 4. The limits of mosaicism in non-spiralian cleavage; 5. Cellular interations in the morula and blastula: the case of sea urchin embryos; 6. Interactions at morula and blastula in other embryos; 7. Interactions between moving cells: the case of amphibian gastrulae; 8. Spatial determination in the gastrulae of other groups; 9. Determination in embryos showing partial cleavage; 10. Patterns and mechanisms in early spatial determination; References; Index.


"...an important addition to the developmental biologist's bookshelves." Science "...an invaluable source of reference. In particular, the author has helped rescue from oblivion many classical experimental results that have progressively disappeared from textbooks simply because they either could not be approached by contemporary molecular techniques, or simply because they could not be explained by existing theoretical models." Pere Alberch, Quarterly Review of Biology
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