The Lund Model

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April 2005



Describes the very successful Lund model of the dynamics of particle physics.


Preface; 1. Relativistic kinematics, electromagnetic fields and the method of virtual quanta; 2. The harmonic oscillator and the quantum field; 3. The vacuum as a dielectric medium and renormalisation; 4. Deep inelastic scattering and the parton model; 5. The classical motion of the massless relativistic string; 6. The decay kinematics of the massless relativistic string; 7. A stochastic process for string decay; 8. The properties of the Lund model fragmentation formulae: external part formulas; 9. The internal part fragmentation formulae and their relations to the unitarity equations of Regge theory; 10. The dynamical analogues of the Lund model fragmentation formulae; 11. Flavour and transverse momentum generation, and the vector to pseudoscalar meson ratio; 12. Heavy quark fragmentation and Baryon production; 13. The Hanbury-Brown-Twiss-effect and polarisation in the Lund model; 14. The Lund gluon model, the kinematics and the decay properties; 15. Gluon emission via the Bremsstrahlung process; 16. Multigluon emission, the dipole moment and parton coherence cascade models; 17. The lambda measure in the leading log, and the modified lead log approximation of perturbative QCD; 18. The parton model and QCD; 19. Inelastic lepto-production in the Lund model, the soft radiation model and heretical structure functions; 20. Hadronic interaction models; References; Index.


'The monograph is well written and contains many physical insights. It is an authoritative source of information on models, originating in Lund, which form the basis of Monte Carlo programmes that are widely used in the analysis of data in the collisions of high energy particles. It will be of value to experimental and theoretical particle physicists alike.' A. D. Martin, Contemporary Physics '... a fine reference work which every decent science library should have.' Brian L. Burrows, Zentralblatt MATH
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