Biogeochemistry of Intertidal Sediments

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April 2005



This authoritative volume includes contributions from a wide range of researchers of intertidal sediments. Individual chapters explore the underlying biogeochemical processes controlling the behavior of carbon, the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus, and contaminants such as toxic organics, trace metals and artificial radionuclides in intertidal environments. The biogeochemistry of these environments is critical to understanding their ecology and management. Each of the chapters includes a comprehensive review and the results of recent research. The contributors are active researchers in this diverse and ecologically important field. This text is mainly for researchers and managers working with intertidal sediments, but it will also serve as a valuable senior undergraduate and graduate reference text in environmental chemistry, environmental science, earth science, and oceanography.


Preface; 1. Biogeochemistry of intertidal sediments T. Jickells and J. E. Rae; 2. Trace metals in deposited intertidal sediments J. E. Rae; 3. Modelling adsorption and desorption processes in estuaries Andrew Turner and Andrew O. Tyler; 4. A critical appraisal of the methodology used in studies of material flux between saltmarshes and coastal waters Kathryn Carpenter; 5. Nutrient recycling in intertidal sediments S. J. Malcolm and D. B. Sivyer; 6. An overview of carbon and sulphur cycling in marine sediments Gavin Ruddy; 7. Microbial activity and diagenesis in saltmarsh sediments, North Norfolk, England K. Pye, M. L. Coleman and W. M. Duan; 8. The behaviour of radionuclides in the coastal and estuarine environments of the Irish Sea P. McDonald and S. R. Jones; 9. The sorption of hydrophobic pyrethroid insecticides to estuarine particles: a compilation of recent research J. L. Zhou and S. J. Rowland; Index.


'... a useful, interesting and clearly laid out and illustrated book ... a comprehensive review of the subject.' Peter French, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology '... this is a consistently interesting volume ...'. Simon Wakefield, Ocean Challenge
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