The Sea Surface and Global Change

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April 2005



The sea-surface microlayer has often been defined as the top 1 to 1000 micrometers of the ocean surface. A considerable amount of new research over the past ten years has led to increased understanding of this vitally important interface between the ocean and the atmosphere, and how it may interact with global change processes. This book offers the first comprehensive review of the surface microlayer in a decade. The authors address the potential global marine impacts at the air-sea interface due to large-scale atmospheric ozone depletion and industrial pollution. Environmental scientists and oceanographers at a graduate or research level who are interested in global change will welcome this authoritative reference work.


Preface; List of contributors; 1. Report group 1: Physical processes in the microlayer and the air-sea exchange of trace gases P. S. Liss, A. J. Watson, E. J. Bock, B. Jaehne, W. E. Asher, N. M. Frew, L. Hasse, G. M. Korenowski, L. Merlivat, L. F. Phillips, P. Schluessel, D. K. Woolf; 2. Report group 2: Biological effects of chemical and radiative change in the sea surface J. T. Hardy, K. A. Hunter, D. Calmet, J. J. Cleary, R. A. Duce, T. L. Forbes, M. L. Gladyshev, G. Harding, J. M. Shenker, P. Tratynek, Y. Zaitsev; 3. Report group 3: Photochemistry in the sea-surface microlayer J. M. C. Plane, N. V. Blough, M. G. Ehrhardt, K. Waters, R. G. Zepp, R. G. Zika; 4. Transport processes in the sea-surface microlayer L. Hasse; 5. The role of organic films in air-sea gas exchange N. M. Frew; 6. Bubbles and their role in gas exchange D. K. Woolf; 7. The physical chemistry of air-sea gas exchange L. F. Phillips; 8. The sea-surface microlayer and its effect on global air-water gas transfer W. Asher; 9. Chemistry of the sea-surface microlayer K. A. Hunter; 10. Biophysics of the surface film of aquatic ecosystems M. L. Gladyshev; 11. Biological effects of chemicals in the sea-surface microlayer J. T. Hardy; 12. Neuston of seas and oceans Y. Zaitsev; 13. Photochemistry in the sea-surface microlayer N. V. Blough; 14. Hydrocarbon breakdown in the sea-surface microlayer M. G. Ehrhardt; 15. Applications of laser technology and laser spectroscopy in studies of the ocean microlayer G. M. Korenowski; 16. Remote sensing of the sea-surface microlayer I. Robinson; Index.


'... a valuable review of a specialised, but globally important field of work'. The Times Higher Education Supplement 'This is an excellent and well-written book.' Hermann Bange, Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 'This book is a welcome addition ... The Sea Surface and Global Change should be on the bookshelf of those seriously involved in global change research, especially those involved in bio-geochemical cycles. Robert Grossman, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
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