Modernism and Cultural Conflict, 1880 1922

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April 2005



Ann Ardis questions commonly held views of radical modernism at the turn of the twentieth century. She depicts the "men of 1914," (as Wyndham Lewis called the coterie of writers centered around Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and James Joyce) as only one among a number of groups intent on redefining the cultural objectives of British literature at the turn of the twentieth century. Simultaneously, Ardis reclaims key examples of non-modernist aesthetic effort associated with British socialism and feminism of the period.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: rethinking modernism, remapping the turn of the twentieth century; 1. Beatrice Webb and the 'serious' artist; 2. Inventing literary tradition, ghosting Oscar Wilde and the Victorian fin de siecle; 3. The Lost Girl, Tarr, and the 'moment' of modernism; 4. Mapping the middlebrow in Edwardian England; 5. 'Life is not composed of watertight compartments': the New Age's critique of modernist literary specialization; Conclusion: modernism and English studies in history; Select bibliography; Index.


Ann L. Ardis is Associate Professor of English and Director of the University Honors Program at the University of Delaware. She is the author of New Women, New Novels: Feminism and Early Modernism (1990) and co-editor (with Bonnie Kime Scott) of Virginia Woolf Turning the Centuries: Selected Papers from the Ninth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (2000) and (with Leslie Lewis) of Women's Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945 (2002).


'Ardis has ... written a provocative and illuminating book that should be read by all cultural and social historians hoping to gain a sense of the new versions of modernism being explored today.' Cultural and Social History
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