The People's Republic of Desire

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April 2006



An uncensored, eye-opening, and laugh-out-loud funny portrait of modern China as seen through the lives and loves of four professional women in contemporary Beijing. Divorce, oral sex, plastic surgery. Indulging in a Starbucks coffee, admitting to the emotional repercussions of a one-night stand, giggling over watching pornography. These once taboo subjects have become the substance of daily conversations and practices among urban women in contemporary Beijing. It seems that no one remembers what happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989. A cross between "Sex and the City" and "The Joy Luck Club," "The People's Republic of Desire" follows four sassy gals as they preen and pounce among Beijing's Westernized professional class, exultantly obsessed with brand names, celebrity, and sex.


Annie Wang, geboren 1972, wuchs in Peking auf. Sie studierte Journalismus und verließ China 1993, um ihr Studium in Kalifornien abzuschließen. Im Anschluß arbeitete sie für die "Washington Post" in Peking.


"Annie Wang's second novel written in English...is interesting, amusing and pertinent...a thoroughly Modern Millie, Beijing -style." Washington Post
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