Pro ADO.NET 2.0

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September 2005



* Provides compact coverage of new ADO.NET features and use of cutting edge tools, such as Visual Studio .NET 2005.
* Content and examples take practical focus as opposed to a theoretical, academic treatment.
* Heavily trimmed content eliminates information the reader won't find useful very often.


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Sahil Malik has been working as a consultant in Microsoft technology for the past few years. He has worked for many top notch clients across the globe including many fortune 100 companies and government organizations within the United States. Sahil started programming in a DOS world, moved to Win32 API, Borland C++, MFC, VC++/ATL, VB 6, and eventually to .NET in both VB.NET and C# Worlds. He is currently helping architect one of the 50 highest traffic websites in the world using ASP.NET 2.0. Malik also frequently speaks at local user groups and co-write Pro ADO.NET with VB .NET 1.1(Apress, ISBN: 1-59059-434-7)

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