IT Project Proposals: Writing to Win

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September 2005



A guide to creating high quality, persuasive proposals promoting software products or services.


1. Introduction; 2. Establishing the strategy; 3. Choosing the content; 4. Structuring the proposal; 5. Tightening up the text; 6. Obeying the grammar rules; 7. Obeying the punctuation rules; 8. Finishing off; 9. Reviewing the result; 10. Summary; Appendix A. The document standard; Appendix B. References and resources; Appendix C. Case studies.


Paul Coombs is an expert in bidding, costing and proposal-writing for IT projects following twenty-five years of experience with the international systems house Logica CMG and the media organisation Reuters. He has worked on mission-critical developments for EMI, London Underground, IBM, The BBC, British Airways, and a large number of major financial institutions. He has developed winning proposal strategies for large fixed-price projects in industry sectors as diverse as finance, defence, government, media and communications. He currently works as an independent consultant, running courses in estimation, project-writing and the bid process as well as undertaking cost/benefit analyses and proposals for specific projects. He is the author of IT Project Estimation: A Practical Guide to the Costing of Software.


"All proposal writers should read this superb book. In fact, all technical communicators should have it at their desks. It is easy to read, is designed well in its use of white space and typography, and offers many useful concepts. Even if its overall size might lead you to believe that it doesn't have much to say, this small book is packed with loads of information." Jackie Damrau for Technical Communication
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