Create Your Own Home Networks

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Dezember 2005



You have a family computer for e-mail and browsing the Internet. Your son and daughter have their own computer for school work and your spouse has a laptop that he or she brings home from work every day. With your family spread out all over the house on their computers, wouldn't it be nice if you could make them all work together? "Create Your Own Home Networks" is a unique book that will show you how to make your home computers talk to each other while sharing files, music and printers. The most common networking tasks are presented in project-format that doesn't require any in-depth understanding of computer systems or networks beyond that of a typical computer user. You will learn how to setup your computers to:
  • Share printers, files, and Internet connections
  • IM one another instantly
  • Get your e-mail in and out of your network
  • Create a network jukebox
  • Roam your house with wireless
You'll also get tips on choosing the right networking equipment, hiding wires and patching holes in your drywall, and when to call the pros. "Create Your Own Home Networks "is all that you need to get started on creating your very own home network.


Eli Lazich has been working in the technology industry for over 20 years. With experience on just about every networking system out there--Novell's NetWare, Windows, Unix, and Linux-his technical credentials are impeccable and include numerous certifications. As a member of a multiple computer household and the official "geek on call" for friends and family with computer problems, Eli has a great perspective on the types of questions typical users face. He has a particular interest in PC-driven home entertainment systems.

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