Parry to Finzi

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September 2005



Offers an overview of the composers from the golden age of English romantic song. This book features: Parry, Stanford, Vaughan Williams, Quilter, Ireland, Gurney, Warlock, Finzi, Denis Browne, Charles Orr, Arthur Somervell, Armstrong Gibbs, Herbert Howells, Elgar, Delius, Holst, Frank Bridge, Arnold Bax, George Butterworth and E J Moeran.


Hold brings a composer's sensibility to his task, notably in his analytical discussion, and fully understands the nature of the marriage effected, and the difficulties involved, in the song-composer's art of blending poetry with music. He is a real companion on his reader's journey of discovery... The text (is) unfailingly readable and astute in judgement. JOHN TALBOT, BRITISH MUSIC SOCIETY NEWSLETTER First-class...one of the most important treatises on the subject yet written...(Hold) writes superbly, urbanely and - more important - carefully...Highly recommended. THE SINGER Constantly illuminating. JOHN STEANE, GRAMOPHONE This deeply considered, beautifully produced book...will be the standard work on the subject for the foreseeable future. MUSIC & VISION
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Untertitel: Twenty English Song-composers. 1, black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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