Country Pubs and Inns of Sussex: A Comprehensive Guide to Country Pubs in Sussex

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Januar 2006



Country Pubs and Inns of Sussex is one of a series of guides which will eventually cover the whole of the UK. The guide provides details of pubs and inns situated in the countryside of Sussex. There are, of course, many selectively-based pub guides covering the UK but each title in the Country Pubs and Inns series will provide readers with the most comprehensive choice of pubs in the countryside. In addition to the name, address and telephone number, many of the entries will provide details of real ales, food, accommodation and facilities such as opening times, entertainment, parking, gardens and children's play areas, as well as directions on how to get there. The layout of the guide has been especially designed to allow the reader to select the area of Sussex being visited. Each chapter begins with a brief illustrated summary of the places of interest in the area and a map containing the numbered location of every country pub. By using the number the reader can then find more information on their chosen pub.


An Oxford Classics graduate, Peter Long dabbled briefly in financial planning before deciding that words were more appealing than numbers. He subsequently spent many years as an inspector and writer with Egon Ronay's Hotels & Restaurants Guides before joining the Travel Publishing editorial team in 1998. He has written guides covering the West Country, the North West and North East of England, the Heart of England, the South and South East of England and Wales.


"It offers clear and concise information. This is surely a must for Sussex country pub lovers"- The Argus
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