The Paradoxical Kingdom: Saudi Arabia and the Momentum of Reform

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"The Paradoxical Kingdom" shows how religion, tradition, society, economics, politics, and the state interact with each other in Saudi Arabia as the nation lurches into the twenty-first century. The book shows how wealth has been squandered, examines the Arabian equivalent of Asia's infamous 'crony capitalism, ' and considers the durability of the Al Saud dynasty.


1. The Founding of Modern Saudi Arabia: State and Society2. The Oil Boom and Modernisation:3. The Rise of Asabiyya Capitalism and Social Stress4. The Restructuring of a State: The Challenges of Economic Reform and Socioeconomic Change in the Era of Globalisation5. Instability within Stability: Domestic Political Opposition and Regime


Daryl Champion has been studying Middle Eastern history, society, and politics for almost two decades. He holds a Ph.D in political science and international relations from The Australian National University (ANU) and is a former research scholar at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the ANU.


Deserves a round of applause. -- Arnold Beichman Washington Times In this detailed, informative, and well-researched study, Champion focuses on the challenges Saudi Arabia faces both at home and abroad and the sociopolitical and economic factors that may undermine its stability in the 21st century. This evenhanded account is recommended for academic and large public libraries. Library Journal Champion offers an excellent review of Saudi history... Highly recommended [for] graduate, faculty, and professional collections. Choice Saudi stability is the subject of Daryl Champion's book The Paradoxical Kingdom. Champion starts from the premise that Saudi Arabia remains of critical economic and strategic importance to the West... He has done a good job of synthesizing the workd of other observers of the Saudi scene and weighing the merits of their research... His conclusions are balanced and avoid the alarmist tone of so much other recent writing about the kingdom. -- Brooks Wrampelmeier Middle East Policy The overall scope of the book and the author's keen insights help dispel much of the misinformation and misperceptions that seem to cloud outsiders' views of this important but essentially closed society. -- David E. Long Middle East Journal This book is for both the specialist and the non-specialist alike, since it presents a comprehensive analysis of the Kingdom... [A]ccompanied by interviews with a range of Saudi personalities including some related to the regime... this is a serious study that is worth attention, whether one is approaching the complexities of the Saudi regime for the first time or wishes to examine more closely the predicaments currently faced by the Kingdom. -- Alejandra Galindo Marines International Affairs His style is meticulous and he is... adept at interweaving and overlapping an enormous amount of material. -- Peter C. Valenti Arab Studies Journal Spring 2005
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