Psychodermatology: The Psychological Impact of Skin Disorders

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August 2005



Psychodermatology covers all aspects of how the mind and body interact in relation to the onset and progression of various skin disorders. This book is the first text written by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, child specialists and dermatologists for all the health professionals who treat patients with skin problems. They cover a broad range of issues affecting these patients, including: stigma, coping, relationships, psychological treatments, the impact on children, comorbidities, psychoneuroimmunology, quality of life and psychological treatments.


Preface; Acknowledgements;
1. Introduction Carl Walker;
2. Psychoneuroimmunology Leslie Millard;
3. Psychiatric comorbidity in dermatologic disorders Madhulika A. Gupta;
4. Stigmatisation and skin conditions Gerry Kent
5. Coping with chronic skin conditions: factors important in explaining individual variation in adjustment Andrew Thompson;
6. Skin disease and relationships Litsa Anthis;
7. The impact of skin disease on children and their families Penny Titman;
8. Psychological therapies for dermatological problems Linda Papadopoulos;
9. Research methodology in quality of life assessment Andrew Finlay;
10. Psychodermatology in context Carl Walker.
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