The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629

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This book is a new edition of Mack P. Holt's classic study of the French religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Drawing on the scholarship of social and cultural historians of the Reformation, it shows how religion infused both politics and the socio-economic tensions of the period to produce a long extended civil war. Professor Holt integrates court politics and the political theory of the elites with the religious experiences of the popular classes, offering a fresh perspective on the wars and on why the French were willing to kill their neighbors in the name of religion.


Introduction; Chronological table of events; 1. Prologue: Gallicanism and reform in the sixteenth century; 2. 'The beginning of a tragedy': the early wars of religion, 1562-70; 3. Popular disorder and religious tensions: the making of a massacre, 1570-4; 4. The rhetoric of resistance: the unmaking of the body politic, 1574-84; 5. Godly warriors: the crisis of the league, 1584-93; 6. Henry IV and the edict of Nantes: the remaking of Gallicanism; 7. Epilogue: the last war of religion, 1610-29; 8. Conclusions: economic impact, social change and absolutism; Short biographies; Genealogical charts; Suggestions for further reading.


Mack P. Holt is Professor of History at the George Mason University. His previous publications include The Duke of Anjou and the Politique Struggle during the Wars of Religion (1986) and Renaissance and Reformation France, 1500-1648 (2002, ed.).


'This book is the first comprehensive study of the wars to appear for over twenty years ... it succeeds admirably in steering the reader through the confusing morass that is the history of the French Wars of Religion and provides the reader with a concise summary of current academic thinking on the matter ... it would provide those members wishing to learn more about the ones with an excellent starting point.' Arquebusier 24:3 'Using brief biographies of the main actors of that time, figures, maps and an index, this book deals with a great amount of facts, questions, and ideas in a limited number of pages. Well written and carefully presented, it is a good and useful synthesis which gives an excellent overview of a deeply controversial period.' Bulletin de la Societe d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine 3-4 'A skillful weaver of narrative and analysis... Holt ... offer[s] [a] masterful probing of complex and fascinating issues.' Renaissance and Reformation 'Holt... develops both a comprehensive narrative of the wars and an important synthesis of the scholarly literature... The book is balanced and extremely enjoyable to read.' Sixteenth Century Journal
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