Social Comparison and Social Psychology: Understanding Cognition, Intergroup Relations, and Culture

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Dezember 2005



Examines the role of the process of social comparison as it occurs between individuals and between social groups.


Part I. Cognition: Comparison Processes Within and Between Individuals: 1. Social comparison orientation: a new perspective: those who do, and those who don't compare with others Bram P. Buunk and Frederick X. Gibbons; 2. The why, who and how of social comparison: a social-cognition perspective Thomas Mussweiler, Katja Ruter and Kai Epstude; 3. Autobiographical memory, the self and comparison processes Rasyid Bo Sanitioso, Martin A. Conway, and Sophie Brunot; 4. Comparing oneself over time: the temporal dimension in social comparison Sandrine Redersdorff and Serge Guimond; Part II. Intergroup Relations: Comparison Processes Within and Between Groups: 5. Predicting comparison choices in intergroup settings: a new look Hanna Zagefka and Rupert Brown; 6. The variable impact of upward and downward social comparisons on self-esteem: when the level of analysis matters Delphine Martinot and Sandrine Redersdorff; 7. Attitudes toward redistributive social politicies: the effects of social comparisons and policy experience Donna M. Garcia, Nyla R. Branscombe, Serge Desmarais and Stephanie S. Gee; 8. Social comparison and group-based emotions Vincent Yzerbyt, Muriel Dumont, Bernard Mathieu, Ernestine Gordijn and Daniel Wigboldus; 9. The counter-intuitive effects of Relative Gratification on intergroup attitudes: ecological validity, moderators and mediators Michael Dambrun, Serge Guimond and Donald M. Taylor; 10. Social comparison and the personal-group discrimination discrepancy Muriel Dumont, Eleonore Seron, Vincent Yzerbyt and Tom Postmes; Part III. Cultures: Comparison Processes Within and Across Cultures: 11. Stereotype content across cultures as a function of group status Susan T. Fiske and Amy J. C. Cuddy; 12. The cultural norm of individualism and group status: implications for social comparisons Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi and Armand Chatard; 13. Ambivalent sexism, power distance, and gender inequality across cultures Peter Glick; 14. Social comparisons across cultures I: gender stereotypes in high and low power distance cultures Michael Desert and Jacques Philippe Leyens; 15. Social comparisons across cultures II: change and stability in self-views - experimental evidence S. Guimond, A. Chatard, N. R. Branscombe, S. Brunot, B. P. Buumk, M.A. Conway, R. Crisp, M. Dambrun, M. Desert, D. M. Garcia, S. Haque, J-P. Leyens, F. Lorenzi-Cioldi, D. Martinot, S. REdersdorff and V. Yzerbyt.


Serge Guimond is Professor of Psychology at the Universite Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


"The 35 psychologists who contributed to the 17 chapters of this volume hale from France, the United States, Belgium, England, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia. The representation of nine countries and five native languages highlights the extent to which psychological research of high quality defies geographic and linguistic barriers and becomes global." -Noach Milgram, PsycCritiques "Social Comparision and Social Psychology: Understanding Cognition, Intergroup Relations, and Culture does a very good job of highlighting the importance of social comparision...It seems only natural to predict that this volume is going to inspire new social comparision research groups and culture, which i believe, will make an important constribution to both theory and society." -Paul A. M. Van Lange, American Journal of Psychology
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