City Stage: Hong Kong Playwriting in English

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Juli 2005



An anthology of recent Hong Kong English-language drama which epitomizes the increasing interconnectedness of previously segregated facets of Hong Kong culture. It contains the complete texts of the shorter plays and strategically selected excerpts from the longer plays.


Section One: Hong Kongentity; 1. FACE by Veronica Needa; 2. LOOKING FOR STONES by Simon Wu and Dino Mahoney; 3. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF NG CHUNG YING by Gus Mok and Evans Chan; 4. BACK TO THE WALL by Nury Vittachi and Teresa Norton; 5. TWO GIRLS FROM NGAU TAU KOK by Amy Chan and Janet Wong; Section Two: Expatriate Identity; 1. GYMNOPEDY by Dino Mahoney; 2. THE MACLEHOSE TRAIL by Dave Anderson and Tom Hope; 3. AMAH DRAMA by Rob McBride (extract); Section Three: Chinese Identity; 1. THE SEVENTH DRAWER by Hoyingfung (extract); 2. THE NAKED EARTH by Evans Chan (extract); 3. MILLENNIUM AUTOPSY by Tang Shu Wing; Section Four: Losing Identity; 1. THE OVERCOAT by Sean Curran and Bonni Chan; 2. IVOR GURNEY by Piers Gray; 3. THE YELLOW WALLPAPER by Mike Ingham and Jessica Yeung.
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