Royalty in a Cedar Box

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Juni 2005



Ciara Norman has been told from early childhood that she is a direct descendant of African royalty. Since her family lives a nice, but ordinary life she finds this story hard to believe until her favorite Aunt gives her a cedar box filled with documents that are written in a strange African language that neither she nor anyone around her can decipher. Her aunt claims that these documents prove that they truly are members of a royal African family. Dr. Samson Randolph, a handsome archeologist and curator of the Black History Museum is planning an expedition to Africa to research a Lost Nubian Tribe. Ciara, a news reporter for the "Chicago Reporter Newspaper", requests and is given the assignment to cover the archeological expedition of Dr. Randolph. While in Egypt, Ciara pursues her quest to uncover the secret of the cedar box and her royal roots. Dr. Randolph becomes intrigued with Ciara, the beautiful reporter and he helps her research the contents of her mysterious cedar box. In the end, Ciara has to choose between her dream life as an African princess or true love with the man of her dreams.

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