Lipid Bilayers

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A general review of lipid bilayer structure and dynamics is given, including such current topics as the hydration of lipid bilayers, the superstructual behaviour of bilayers at different states of hydration and external conditions, the role and behaviour of lipid bilayers on fusion and rupture and the interaction of lipid bilayers with small organic molecules and additives of protein lipid bilayer interactions. In addition, recent research on lipid interaction with proteins and other molecules in monolayers is reviewed, and the use of highly aligned samples under biologically relevant conditions and the benefits derived from such preparations are addressed. Finally, the latest approach in simulation of impurities within a lipid bilayer is introduced. This book will be a comprehensive review of the current state of biologically relevant model membrane systems which will become an indispensible reference for the "working biophysicist".


Structure and Interactions of Lipid Bilayers: Role of Fluctuations.- Aligned Lipid-Water Systems.- Conformations of Fluid Lipid Membranes.- Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Phospholipid Bilayers.- New Insights into Biomembrane Structure from Two-Dimensional Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement Spectroscopy.- X-ray and Neutron Scattering Studies of Lipid Monolayers and Single Bilayers.- Direct Determination of Biomembrane Structures.- X-ray Diffraction Studies on the Effect of Additives on the Phase Behaviour of Lipids.- Peptides in Lipid Bilayers: Determination of Location by Absolute-Scale X-ray Refinement.- Solid State NMR Approaches to the Study of Membrane Proteins in Magnetically Aligned Model Membranes.- Liposome Phase Systems as Membrane Activity Sensors for Peptides.- Fusion and Rupture of Lipid Model Membranes.


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