Low-Calorie Dieting for Dummies

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November 2005



Break your bad habits and start enjoying a low-cal lifestyle!Want to lose weight and keep it off for good? This no-nonsense guide shows you how to consume fewer calories than you burn, providing a delicious, easy, and safe low-calorie plan you can follow for life! You'll find tools to improve your eating and exercise habits, cope with stress and boredom, assess your progress, and live healthier and happier.Discover how to:
  • Understand your metabolism.
  • Set realistic, attainable goals.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Stock a low-cal kitchen.
  • Eat right with simple, scrumptious, low-calorie recipes.
  • Stay motivated long-term.
  • Find outside support.Order your copy today!
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    Introduction. Part I: Understanding the Basics of Low-Calorie Dieting. Chapter 1: Living a Low-Calorie Lifestyle. Chapter 2: Figuring Out the State of Your Weight. Chapter 3: Working with Guidelines for Healthy Low-Calorie Living. Part II: Getting Started: The Four-Week Plan and Beyond. Chapter 4: Kick-Starting Your Low-Calorie Plan. Chapter 5: Cooking in a Low-Calorie Kitchen. Chapter 6: Planning Low-Calorie Menus: The First Four Weeks. Chapter 7: Pulling through Your Plan's First Few Months. Chapter 8: Working Out and Working the Weight Off. Part III: Overcoming Obstacles and Moving On. Chapter 9: Making Your Way through Trials and Tribulations. Chapter 10: Staying Fit and Stopping Regain in Its Tracks. Chapter 11: Helping Yourself with Outside Resources. Part IV: Trying Time-Tested Low-Calorie Recipes. Chapter 12: Benefiting from Breakfast. Chapter 13: Preparing Tasty Lunches. Chapter 14: Sitting Down to Delicious Dinners. Chapter 15: Fitting In Snacks and Desserts. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 16: Ten Benefits of Following a Low-Calorie Diet. Chapter 17: Ten Low-Calorie Success Stories. Part VI: Appendixes. Appendix A: Calorie Counts of Select Foods.29 Appendix B: Calorie Counts by Food Groups. Appendix C: Metric Conversion Guide. Index.


    Susan McQuillan, a registered dietitian, writes about food, nutrition, and weight control from her home in New York City. She received her bachelor's degree in dietetics management from New York University and her master's degree in human nutrition from Hunter College, both in Manhattan. She was formerly a food and nutrition editor at American Health magazine and Reader's Digest general books division. Susan is the author of Breaking the Bonds of Food Addiction (Alpha/Penguin) and a contributor to many health and nutrition-related books and cookbooks. Her articles and recipes have appeared in Woman's Day, Family Circle, Cooking Light, Prevention, Fitness, Women's Sports and Fitness, McCall's, and Fit Pregnancy magazines.

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