Fiesta Latina: Fabulous Food for Sizzling Parties

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März 2006



For people who like to salsa like they like their salsa"mucho!"here are more than 60 recipes in a Latin-inspired cookbook guaranteed to get the party started. With three of the hottest Latin restaurants on the east coast to his credit, Rafael Palomino knows how to throw a proper fiesta. His vibrant, accessible recipes for "pasabocas" (appetizers), main courses, and desserts will grant any host or hostess the powers for effortless entertaining. Fusion treats like Chipotle Crabmeat and Sweet Plantain Empanadas, and Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewers are a fresh take on cocktail food. Just say ceviche and there's an entire chapter devoted to zesty takes like Blood Orange, Shrimp and Mango-Wasabi. With color-drenched photos, mix-and-match salsitas and sauces, and plenty of Latin flair, here's very good food for very good times.


Rafael Palomino, born in Bogata, Colombia, and raised in Queens, is the owner and executive chefof Vida in New York City and Sonora in Port Chester, New York. He is the author of Nueva Salsa, Viva la Vida (Chronicle Books).

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