Digital Image Processing with Application to Digital Cinema

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With crystal clarity, this book conveys the most current principles in digital image processing, providing both the background theory and the practical applications to various industries, such as digital cinema, video compression, and streaming media. "Digital Image Processing," is perfect for engineers practicing in the field as well as students of electrical engineering. It describes the basics of digital image processing in an easy-to-understand fashion keeping in mind that practicing engineers don't have much time to research related materials in depth. Notations and math are kept to a minimum so as not to lose sight of the topics in question, explaining difficult portions in appendices.


1. Introduction; 2. Two-Dimensional Signal, Systems, and Discrete Fourier Transform; 3. Human Visual Perception; 4. Image Acquisition; 5. Image Enhancement; 6. Image Transforms; 7. Basic Principles of Image Compression; 8. Video Compression Standards; 9. Digital Cinema; 10. Microarray Image Processing; Appx A: Fourier Transform; Appx B: Definitions and Units of Photometric Quantities; Appx C: Derivation of Histogram Equalization; Appx D: Basics of Information Theory


K.S. Thyagarajan is a researcher with Micro USA, working on the development of algorithms to process remote surveillance iamges. As a principal engineer for Qualcomm for five years, he researched and developed high quality video compression systems for digital cinema applications. As a professor at San Diego State University for twenty years he taught courses in circuits, signals & systems, analog and digital communications, digital signal processing and image processing and conducted research in video compression.

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