Mathematical Methods for Physicists

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Arfken and Weber's Mathematical Methods for Physicists provides upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with the paramount coverage of the mathematics necessary for advanced study in physics and engineering. It provides the essential mathematical methods that aspiring physicists are likely to encounter as students or beginning researchers. Appropriate for a physics service course, as well as for more advanced coursework, this is the book of choice in the field.


Vector Analysis Vector Analysis in Curved Coordinates and Tensors Determinants and Matrices Group Theory Infinite Series Functions of a Complex Variable I Analytic Properties, Mapping Functions of a Complex Variable II The Gamma Function (Factorial Function) Differential Equations Strum-Liouville Theory-Orthogonal Functions Bessel Functions Legendre Functions More Special Functions Fourier Series Integral Transforms Integral Equations Calculus of Variations Nonlinear Methods and Chaos Probability


"As to a comparison with other books of the same ilk, well, in all honesty, there are none. No other text on methods of mathematical physics is as comprehensive and as complete..." -Tristan Hubsch, Howard University
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