Coward Plays: 6: Semi-Monde; Point Valaine; South Sea Bubble; Nude with Violin

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Philip Hoare, in his biography of Coward described "Semi-Monde "as his "most daring play to date. In a chic Parisian hotel, a series of sexualpairings take place through rendezvous, arguments, infidelities andreconciliations: sexual deviance is undisguised...set in the bisexual1920s, the play could easily be populated by characters of Coward'ssociety."
"Point Valaine" is "the
drama of a lurid episode of lust in the semi-tropics.. unmistakably the
work of a master of the stage" (New York Times); "South Sea Bubble "which
concerns "the Governor's lady in the Isle of Samolo who plays with
native fire, nearly gets her wings singed, bashes her native admirer
with a bottle and at one of those Coward next-morning-at breakfast
scenes slips her way out of the scrape with feline grace." (Manchester
Guardian) whilst "Nude With Violin" is a witty comedy about art fraud.


Semi-Monde; Point Valaine; South Sea Bubble; Nude With Violin


Noel Coward made his name as a playwright with The Vortex (1924), in which he also appeared. His numerous other successful plays included Hay Fever, Private Lives, Design for Living, and Blithe Spirit. During the war he wrote screenplays such as Brief Encounter (1944) and This Happy Breed (1942). His volumes of verse, autobiography and letters have all been published to acclaim by Methuen Drama. Coward was knighted in 1970 and died three years later in Jamaica.
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