Magnetic Service: Secrets for Creating Passionately Devoted Customers

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Do you long to build a cult-like following for your business? Would you like to have customers that don't just forgive you when you err, but actually help you correct what caused the mistake? Customers that don't just recommend you, but assertively insist that their friends do business with you? Discover the seven "magnetic service" secrets that have created devoted fan bases for brands like Starbucks, Harley-Davidson and Ritz-Carlton. Magnetic Service provide a practical blueprint for going beyond mere customer loyalty to create and sustain customer devotion, showing how businesses that inspire cult-like devotion-companies as diverse as Jack Daniels, GE, eBay and many others-create customer experiences so captivating that they bind their customers to them.


Chip R. Bell manages the Dallas office of Performance Research Associates, Inc. An internationally renowned keynote speaker, he is the author or coauthor of 15 books including Customer Love, Service Magic and Customers As Partners.
Bilijack R. Bell is a commercial real estate professional with Wilson, Hull & Neal in Atlanta. His service articles have appeared in such publications as Realtor Magazine and Executive Excellence.


Praise for "Managers as Mentors; "The book managers have been waiting for; a clear and practical guide to tapping the talent in their organizations. If you ever wondered what managers in 'learning organizations' are supposed to be doing, here's your answer."
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