Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces

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"This book considers those aspects of human rights law which may become relevant to the activities of armed forces whether they remain in barracks, undertake training or are deployed in military operations within their own state or outside it. The unique nature of military service and of military courts gives rise to human rights issues in respect both of civilians and soldiers, whether volunteers or conscripts, who find themselves before these courts. Rowe examines these issues as well as the application of international humanitarian law alongside the human rights obligations of the state when forces are training for and involved in armed conflict; where armed forces are deployed in situations of civil disorder; and where states contribute armed forces to multinational forces. An invaluable resource for scholars in human rights, international law and military studies, and anyone concerned with policy relevant to the armed forces."


Preface; 1. Human rights within the context of members of armed forces; 2. The human rights of members of the armed forces; 3. Human rights and the disciplinary process; 4. Civilians before military courts; 5. Human rights and international armed conflict; 6. Human rights, non-international armed conflict and civil disorder; 7. Human rights during multinational operations.


Peter Rowe is Professor of Law at the University of Lancaster. He has been Chairman of the UK Group of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War, and has published widely in these areas.


'The publication of this book could not be timelier. ... Rowe provides an excellent overview ... This book is more than just an accessible introduction to the impact of human rights law on armed forces. Its importance lies in the foundation it lays for the future development of human rights law to meet these new legal challenges and perhaps setting a code of conduct for the military to adhere to. The appeal of this book is therefore not limited to military law academics and practitioners, but to anyone who has an interest in the evolution of human rights law.' Justice Journal 'This book will be of considerable use to scholars of international law and human rights, and also to military lawyers and legal advisers to governments and their armed forces.' Criminal Law Forum '... this book is ... a monument of our challenging era. If you wish to see why the book is important, all you need to do is look around you.' Military Law and the Law of War Review
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