Dispute Processes

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Oktober 2005



Considers the primary forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) - negotiation, mediation, and umpiring.


1. Introduction; 2. Cultures of decision-making: precursors to the emergence of ADR; 3. The debates around civil justice and the movement towards procedural innovation; 4. Disputes and dispute processes; 5. Negotiations; 6. Mediation; 7. Umpiring; 8. Hybrid forms and processual experimentation; 9. The trajectory of alternative dispute resolution.


Professor of Law, Department of Law, London School of Economics. Professor of Law and Chair of the Centre of East Asian Law, Department of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) , University of London.


Dispute Processes: ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision-Making makes interesting reading for any dispute resolution practitioners. It is also an excellent academic account of the key principles and their context. ... the underlying message is clear: a negotiator who knows the tools of decision making will achieve better results than those who do not know them.' Student Law Journal
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