Collaborative Advantage: How Organizations Win by Working Together

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Collaboration across organizational boundaries is often critical to achieve an objective, but difficult to achieve in practice. This book explores the structures, processes, roles, skills, tools and techniques that enable people in different places to achieve a successful joint outcome and build advantage through collaboration. Written by an experienced practitioner who has facilitated many collaborative efforts, it includes practical case studies to illustrate key points.


Introduction Developing a Common Language Preparing to Collaborate Structuring the Collaborative Process Agreeing Joint Outcomes and Integrating the Team Building Trust and Nurturing the Collaborative Process Resourcing Information and Communication Establishing Learning Processes Roles and Skills Internal Collaboration Developing Collaborative Capacity


ELIZABETH LANK works with companies and organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness through greater cross-boundary collaboration and knowledge sharing. Her clients include AstraZeneca, the global pharmaceutical firm; the British Council; Compass, the multinational food services group; the Inland Revenue and Tesco. She is a visiting Lecturer at Henley Management College, INSEAD, the London Business School and the UK Cabinet Office Top Management Programme as well as a regular speaker and facilitator at public and in-company management conferences.


'Successful partnerships are now essential in business as never before. Collaborative Advantage is the professional's guide to making them work effectively in real life situations.' - Sir Peter Bonfield, Former CEO, British Telecom, Senior Non-Executive, AstraZeneca and Board Member, Sony Corporation 'In the new emerging logic of our times, wealth and strategic assets are more about creation of ideas, knowledge, relationships and trust than about owning and controlling tangible things. When seeing the world with such eyes,our capacity and capability for internal and external collaboration and cocreation becomes a decisive strategic advantage.This book is a great resource offering both reasons why and hands-on examples of how such collaborative advantage can be achieved.' - Goran Carstedt, Society for Organizational Learning, Former executive at Volvo and IKEA 'Any executive pondering the fundamentals of creating a collaborative work environment would do well to study these pages.' - Sean Silverthorne, Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge web site 'For anyone looking for ideas about how collaboration might be fostered for the benefit of separate teams or units within an organization, or even between separate organizations, there is a wealth of information.' - Richard Hugman, Journal of Interprofessional Care '...the author has neatly presented the core issues based on her comprehensive and practical experience on the topic.' - Yue Xu, Journal of Management Development
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