Java Reflection in Action

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Oktober 2004



Explaining the Java Reflection API and providing techniques for using it effectively, this guide describes the capabilities that allow a program to examine and modify itself at runtime. The java.lang.reflect package and its uses are covered, including a detailed discussion of Java's dynamic proxy facility. Less obvious reflective capabilities, such as call stack introspection and the Java class loader, are addressed. In recognition of the limitations of Java Reflection, the various ways to use Reflection to generate code and surpass these limitations are detailed. A discussion of performance analysis techniques and a look ahead at what is new in JDK 1.5 is included.


Preface 1 A few basics 2 Accessing fields reflectively 3 Using dynamic loading and reflective construction 5 Call Stack Introspection 6 Using class loaders 7 Reflective Code Generation 8 Design Patterns 9 Performance 10 Looking forward A Reflection and Metaobject Protocols B Hello World Program C UML Glossary References Index


Dr. Ira Forman is a senior software engineer at IBM. He started working on reflection in the early 1990s when he developped IBM's SOM Metaclass Framework. Nate Forman works for Ticom Geomatics where he uses reflection in day-to-day problems. Ira and Nate are father and son. They live in Austin, Texas.
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