Teacher Professionalism in Further and Higher Education

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It is very rarely that teachers from both further and higher education are considered together. This book explores the differences and contrasts that exist across and within both groups.
Focusing on aspects of teachers' professionalism, this book considers what "professionalism" may mean and ways in which "profession" has been studied. It goes on to consider:
- professional standards, training and qualifications for FE and HE teachers
- the nature of their knowledge, work and practices
- professional identities and communities
- opportunities and strategies for professional development and renewal
- key debates in the literature and the most significant policy developments
- underlying prejudices and the unwitting perpetuation of confusions and inequalities in teaching in FE and HE
- the main challenges currently facing the profession
The shape and nature of professional standards for FE and HE teachers are changing constantly. This book provides an up to date account of developments and brings together arguments and debates about both groups of teachers in an attempt to challenge some strongly held beliefs. Student teachers, teacher trainers, practitioners, academics and policy makers within the field of post-compulsory education and training will find it valuable reading


1. Introduction 2. Meanings of Professionalism 3. Standards, Training and Qualifications 4. Teachers' Work 5. Teachers' Communities and Identities 6. Continuing Development for Teachers 7. Encountering the Future 8. Glossary


'Given the blurring of boundaries in England between further and higher education, Jocelyn Robson's recent book on teacher professionalism in FE and HE is a welcome contribution to the literature on what it means to be professional and how the nature of working in these post-compulsory sectors has created a series of challenges.' - Higher Education Review
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