Involving Service Users in Health and Social Care Research

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What is the purpose of service user involvement in health and social care research? Can service users be involved beyond tokenism to making a valued and full contribution?
Increasing importance is being placed on service users and professionals being partners in services, rather than in traditional roles of provider and recipient. Users and consumers now want to shape their own services and to be involved in a real sense in investigations of services delivered, but there is still often a sense of frustration about consultation and involvement being tokenistic and service users' roles being from a position of passivity.
This book takes a more positive and flexible approach and argues that service user involvement in research can range from the extremes of being the subject to being the initiator or investigator of a research study.


Foreword Introduction 1. Theory and Practice of User Involvement in Research: Making the Connection with Public Policy and Practice 2. Actively Involving Marginalized and Vulnerable People in Research 3. Supporting People with Learning Difficulties to do their own Research 4. A Hard Fight: The Involvement of Mental Health Service Users in Research 5. Translating Health Policy into Research Practice 6. Foster Carers Undertake Research into Birth Family Contact: Using the Social Action Research Approach 7. From Recruitment to Dissemination: The Experience of Working Together from Service User and Professional Perspectives 8. Consumer-Led Research? Parents as Researchers: The Child Health Surveillance Project 9. Consumer Involvement in Cancer Research in the United Kingdom: The Benefits and Challenges 10. Community Action to Housing and Health Research 11. Helping Older People to Share the Research Journey 12. Really Making it Happen in Wiltshire: The Experience of Service Users Evaluating Social Care 13. Research with Children who Use NHS Services: Sharing the Experience 14. From Rhetoric to Reality: The Involvement of Children and Young People with Mental Ill Health in Research 15. Strategies for Involving Service Users in Outcomes Focused Research 16. Working with Older Women in Research: The Opportunities and Dilemmas of Involvement 17. Service User Involvement at All Stages of the Research Process 18. Working Together to Undertake Research


Lesley Lowes is a Research Fellow/Practitioner in Paediatric Diabetes at the Nursing, Health and Social Care Research Centre, School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University. Ian Hulatt is RCN Advisor for Mental Health Nursing, Royal College of Medicine, London.

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