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Macroeconomics makes modern macroeconomics with its focus on imperfect competition, interest-rate setting central banks, and knowledge - based growth accesible to undergraduates. It provides micro-foundations for the Philips curve, for persistent involuntary unemployment, for aggregate consumption and investment behaviour, and for inflation-targetting. It is based on the mainstream monetary macro model now used widely by academics and policy makers and showsstudents how to use it to understand a broad range of real-world macroeconomic behaviour and policy issues. It is also designed to appeal to graduate students, non-specialists in macroeconomics, professional economists and those from related disciplines who want a guide to the complexities of modernmacroeconomics and to understand contemporary policy debates.


PREFACE ; 1. Motivation for Macroeconomic Models ; PART 1: THE MACROECONOMIC MODEL ; 2. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and Business Cycles ; 3. Inflation, Unemployment and Monetary Rules ; 4. Labour Markets and Supply-Side Policies ; 5. Monetary Policy ; 6. Fiscal Policy ; PART 2: CONSUMPTION, INVESTMENT AND MONEY ; 7. Consumption and Investment ; 8. Money and Finance ; PART 3: THE OPEN ECONOMY ; 9. The open economy in the short run ; 10. Inflation and Unemployment in the Open Economy ; 11. Shocks and Policy Responses in the Open Economy ; 12. Interdependent Economies ; PART 4: GROWTH ; 13. Exogenous Growth Theory ; 14. Endogenous and Schumpeterian Growth ; PART 5: MICRO-FOUNDATIONS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY ; 15. New Keynesian Micro-foundations ; 16. Political Economy ; PART 6: APPLICATIONS ; 17. Performance and Policy in Europe, the USA and Japan ; 18. Unemployment: institutions, shocks and policies


Wendy Carlin is Professor of Economics at University College London and is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research. She is managing editor of the Economics of Transition and has published widely on macroeconomics, institutions, and transition. David Soskice is Research Professor at Duke University and at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. He is Centennial Professor in the European Institute at the London School of Economics. He is Emeritus Fellow in Economics at University College, Oxford and has held visiting positions at the Australian National University and the universities of Berkeley, Johns Hopkins Bologna, Cornell, Pisa, Trento and Yale. He has published widely in economics, industrial relations, and political science.
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