Advances in Taxation

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Juli 2000



"Advances in Taxation" publishes articles dealing with all aspects of taxation. Articles can address tax policy issues at the federal, state, local, or international level. The series primarily publishes empirical studies that address compliance, computer usage, education, legal, planning, or policy issues. These studies generally involve interdisciplinary research that incorporates theories from accounting, economics, finance, psychology, and/or sociology. Although empirical studies are primarily published, analytical and historical manuscripts are also welcome.


Accuracy, agreement and aggressiveness in tax reporting: evidence from the Money magazine contests (R.H. Ashton). The effects of multiple accountability pressures on tax return preparation decisions (S.R. Cox, R.R. Radtke). An experimental study of the effects of marital status and family size on tax fairness judgments (A.L. Christensen et al.). Security price reaction to tax law changes: a case of tax amortization of purchased goodwill (S.C. Gara, K.E. Karim). The effect of accountability on the evaluation of evidence: a tax setting (R.C. Hatfield). Incentive effects of the investment tax credit: evidence from analysis' forecasts (E. Plummer). Responsibility for tax return outcomes - an attribution theory approach (D.C. Schisler, S.C. Galbreath).
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