Principles and Practice of Soil Science

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August 2005



Soil remains one of the most important, yet most abused, natural resources on the planet. Responsible management of soil and associated water resources plays a critical role in the survival and prosperity of many nations around the world. Principles and Practice of Soil Science, Fourth Edition provides a current and comprehensive introduction to soil science for students in the fields of environmental and agricultural science, ecology, soil and land management, natural resource management and environmental engineering. The text focuses on the fundamental concepts of how soils function and how this functioning is vital to productive and environmentally benign soil use.


Part 1: The Soil Habitat.1 Introduction to the Soil.2 The Mineral Component of the Soil.3 Soil Organisms and Organic Matter.4 Peds and Pores.
Part 2: Processes in the Soil Environment.5 Soil Formation.6 Hydrology, Soil Water and Temperature.7 Reactions at Surfaces.8 Soil Aeration.9 Processes in Profile Development.10 Nutrient Cycling.
Part 3: Soil Management.11 Maintenance of Soil Productivity.12 Fertilizers and Pesticides.13 Problem Soils.14 Soil Information Systems.Index


Robert White holds degrees from the University of Queensland and the University of Oxford. He has extensive international experience in Australia, Southern Africa, England, New Zealand, China and the USA, focusing on soil, water and nutrient management in broad-acre cropping, grazing systems and vineyards for wine production. He is Emeritus Professor of Soil Science at the University of Melbourne and author of Soils for Fine Wines.


"Has the edge on other introductory general soil science texts because it is up to date, comprehensive, isn't too long, has a wide geographic appeal, and most of all, is based on soil, well understood and well-explained science." Geoderma "Principles and Practice of Soil Science provides a current and comprehensive introduction to soil science for students in the fields of environmental and agricultural science, ecology, soil and land management, natural resource management and environmental engineering." Biotechnology, Agronomy, Society and Environment "This clearly presented fourth edition, liberally illustrated with figures, graphs, tables and colour photographs is well suited to educate a wide audience about soil." Experimental Agriculture Third edition: "The strongest competition is in the introductory textbook area, and as an example of this genre this comprehensive up-to-date text is probably the best around" Alex McBratney - European Journal of Soil Science - Sept 1998 "...the author deserves to be congratulated on the production of the third edition of a well respected and useful book which I am pleased to have on my shelf." Tom Batey - EJSS - 1998 Second Edition "The book is an excellent compilation of soil science concepts and principles, skilfully accomplished in 244 page, including a very generous use of figures, graphs and tables within each chapter." Leon J Johnson - Soil Science Sept 1988 "I will be happy to recommend this new edition, just as I recommended the first, as the preferred text for students taking introductory courses in soil science." K. A. Smith - New Phytologist - 1987First Edition "This clearly written and attractive publication on basic concepts of the properties and behaviour of soils is written for students in soil science as well as for those whose main interest lies in agriculture, forestry, ecology or geography" Bulletin of International Society of Soil Science - 1980 "In short, it would be difficult to conceive of any initial course of instruction on soils which would not benefit from use of this original and refreshing presentation." R. T. Smith - Teaching Geography - 1980 "A most useful book for first or second year soil courses in Geography" D. J. Briggs - Earth Surface Processes - 1981 "In general the choice of material is excellent, covering all major areas of interest" P.B. Tinker - New Phytologist 1981 "It is very well written and produced with excellent and copious illustrations and suggestions for further reading ... It is an important addition to the literature at this level." D. Payne - Journal of Biological Education - 1980 "For those teachers, for whom White's Principles and Practice of Soil Science has been and remains their choice of textbook, this new edition will be most welcome...it is now more international in appeal and teachers anywhere in the world are likely to find it valuable. If you are thinking of changing your teaching text, then I suggest that you give this new edition a close look, it has much to commend it." European Journal of Soil Science, April 2006
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