Manuel Castells: The Theory of the Network Society

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Manuel Castells's highly acclaimed trilogy The Information Age represents the most comprehensive attempt to develop a coherent theory of the present day. From his seminal work on urban change and social movements to his more recent work on the transformations stemming from the deployment of new information and communication technologies in a globalized world, Castells has been at the forefront of contemporary debates for over three decades. At the heart of his theory lies the claim that we are witnessing a shift from vertically integrated hierarchies to flexible networks which structure dominant social processes, as well as the main challenges launched against them. His scope, rigor, and style have earned him favorable comparison with Marx and Weber.


Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter One: Transformations of Base Lines Neo-Marxism and Renewal of Urban Sociology Technology and Social Change Informationalism Epistemology The Politics of Research Chapter Two: Production Post-Industrialism The Economic Crisis of the 1970s Internationalization of the Economy Global Financial Markets The Network Enterprise Individualisation of Labor Informational Capitalism: Critical Issues Chapter Three: Experience Social Movements as Subjects of History Social Movements Beyond the Local Social Movements and the Creation of Identity Two Case Studies Chapter Four: The Network State and Informational Politics The Theory of the State The Crisis of the Nation State Informational Politics The Reaffirmation of the State The Rise of the Network State? Power and Networks Chapter Five: Flows and Places Castells' Theory of Space The Space of Flows The Time of Flows Cities in the Space of Flows Chapter Six: The Logic of Networks What is a Network? Informational Networks The Network Logic Preeminence of Morphology over Action Conclusion Bibliography of Manuel Castells Books: Author or Main Author Books: Co-authored Books: Edited or Co-Edited Articles, Essays and Book Chapters Main Research Monographs, 1984 - 2004 Books on Manuel Castells References


Felix Stalder, University of Applied Arts Social Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland


"Manuel Castells holds a well-deserved place at the centre of debates over the 'information age' that he helped to name. Felix Stalder offers a sustained and careful appraisal of Castells's work, both incisively critical at some points and generously acknowledging the quality of his achievement at others." David Lyon, Queens University, Ontario "This book is a very beautiful model of how one mind engages with another: Felix Stalder has seized the essence of Manuel Castells's work and its immense relevance to our time. Daring to be positively critical, Stalder enlarges and also defines Castells's arguments. Thus the book multiplies Castells by Stalder and the result is an instant expansion of the mind of the reader." Derrick DeKerckhove, University of Toronto
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