Gender, Schooling and Social Justice

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This book analyses a number of theoretical debates with regard to rights, justice and gender, and the light they throw on the global movement for gender equality in education, with a particular focus on the Education for All declaration and the Millennium Development Goals. The author concentrates the discussion on the significance of the theoretical insights for policy and practice.
The book is divided into three parts. The first part outlines a number of key theoretical issues concerning rights, conceptualizations of gender, and global social justice. The second part of the book considers how the debates concerning global justice, the definition of gender and forms of democratization are negotiated within particular settings. The concluding section of the book highlights the significance of the theoretical debates and the different forms of practice for each other.


Part 1: Context: History and Concepts 1. Gender and Education for All: Setting the Scene 2. Debating Global Social Justice Part 2: Why Address Gender and Schooling Globally? 3. Schooling Women and Girls: A Means not an End 4. Gendered Human Rights in Education 5. Capabilities and Obligations in an Unequal World 6. Power, Meaning and Activism: Some Problems for Global Social Justice Part 3: Schooling and Global Social Justice: Interventions, Institutions, and Interactions 7. Interventions: 'Get Girls In' 8. Institutionalising Gender Equality in Education 9. The Interactive Approach 10. Gender Equality, Global Social Justice and the Promise of School


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